The Braille Game Board:

A must-have for entertaining leisure activities

Allowing for complete tactile access to its entire surface, the Braille Game Board is a must-have for crosswords, but also for any other word or number game.

Directions for use

Required items:
The Braille Game Board and a Braille copy of a crossword puzzle. A tape recording of the questions (horizontal and vertical) can also be used; the text must also describe the location of the black cells.

Picture showing a 12 x12 finished crossword puzzle

In order to make writing easier and faster, the kit contains:

To write the letter "A", a single pin is used; for the letter "B" two single pins or one double pin are used; finally, to write the letter "G" a single pin and a triple pin are used.

Good luck!

The Braille Game Board makes it easy to:

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